Find your Break-Even Sales Figure
This calculator will provide the sales figure you need in order to break even i.e. obtain a net profit figure of zero.

Step 1
Please first enter information from your accounts in the three boxes in Section 1. Once you have completed these boxes a figure will appear in the ‘Net profit / loss’ box.

Step 2
Then enter in your Projected Fixed Expenditure for an estimation of the sales required to break even.

Section 1
Section 2 Sales required to break even based on the Fixed Expenditure figure is :
Please note:

For the purposes of this calculator the Cost of Sales cannot be higher than the Sales figure.

Cost of Sales covers all “direct” costs which vary in proportion of sales and relate directly to the sales level. Cost of sales does not include indirect costs such as fixed overheads.

Fixed expenditure should include indirect costs, fixed overheads, depreciation and interest.